Sara Frost

February 9th 2012
Dear Buyer and or Seller,
I felt compelled to write a letter of recommendation for Drea Valentine and Teri Barton. I was so impressed with their representation as my selling agents that I consider them my Realtors, and Real Estate advisors for life.

Quite often letters of recommendation seem a little too gushing and pumped up, but in this case I don’t think I can praise Drea and Teri’s efforts enough. They continually impressed me by going above and beyond what I would have hoped for.

Initially I was contracted with another Realtor who was extremely reluctant to let me out of the listing agreement. I didn’t feel like my house was being marketed well and I was also subjected to several incidences of unethical treatment. Eventually, when I freed myself from the contract I was completely worn out and left with a sense that my house was difficult to sell because of the insinuations of the prior realtor.
Drea and Teri came highly recommended from numerous friends at my work place and I could kick myself for not hiring them when I first listed the house. What I experienced can only be described as a “night and day” turn around from the previous agent.

Within two weeks of the new listing and after numerous well planned, and well presented open houses, Drea and Teri got me not only one, but 2 offers, both of which were stronger than any of the ones I had previously received. I hasten to add that this was during the Christmas period, which is notoriously slow. I was delighted with the agreement we arrived at with the buyer, and no doubt the buyers were too. Drea and Teri’s communication skills are exceptional. They have the ability to keep the negotiations focused, and all within an atmosphere of conviviality.
These are two extremely grounded, intelligent and hardworking women who truly understand that a Realtor is providing a service for their client. They also understand that a client has a life outside of the purchase or sale transaction they are representing. They are extremely sensitive to that fact that buying and selling houses is s stressful and time consuming experience. Drea and Teri bye-passed the stress and gave me the red carpet treatment from start to finish.

I can’t recommend Drea and Teri strongly enough!

Mary Jean MacDonald, Douglas Yellin and Sophie

We met Teri Barton at an open-house for a property she was representing in Altadena. Teri was warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhood. At the time, our goal was to get an idea about the area and what we could afford. It was clear that Teri was a special person who could help us. We decided then and there to engage her as our agent.

Once we zeroed in on the price range and type of property, Teri was determined to get us the house we wanted. She pre-screened each and every available listing. When a house matched our criteria, Teri made sure we saw it immediately and had comps in hand to help us define the value. She was endlessly patient and made a normally nerve-racking process fun and enjoyable. 

Then one day Teri took us to see the house we would buy. It was exactly what we wanted, in a neighborhood we loved, and offered within our price range. Teri stepped up to a higher gear and moved heaven and earth to make sure we would become the owners. Teri understood that our desire to buy a house was more than just owning a piece of would be a place to call home. 

Lynne Ludeke

Dear Teri -

When we needed to buy another house, we already knew who to ask to be our Realtor, because we'd discussed it before. Though we have numerous agent friends, you were always our only choice--and our experience with you has proved us right.

We had such a short time line to find a new home! But you flew into action. All that efficient hard work you did behind the scenes meant that we swiftly found what we wanted. I didn't even have time to worry. It was actually easy for us. 

I'm very appreciative and grateful, Teri. 


James and Sheila Ballard

Dear Teri Barton,

We thank you for represnting us, as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and for selling our home in such a short period of time. You did a wonderful job on your first open house 150 people attended and five people were interested in buying our house. We thank you for getting the amount of money we asked for. We also appreciate you turning off the gas, electric, water and trash. We are grateful for you having a garage sale on our behalf. Thank you for being a caring and kind person. 

James and Sheila Ballard


Dear Teri,

I know that this deal wouldn't have happened without your help. You guided everything along smoothly and communicated well with both sides. After working with several agents before you, I can honestly say that "you've been the best!"

Thank YOU,